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Jessica Changed Her Mind After Taking Abortion Pills

Mama J found herself pregnant, pressured, and scared. She needed support and texted the She Found His Grace helpline- 574-400-5272 to discuss what she was experiencing and needed help. Mama J texted our helpline and received many phone calls and support. Her husband had been pressuring her to abort. Mama J took the abortion pill and regretted it. Our helpline was able to get her connected to the abortion pill reversal helpline, where she was able to reverse the pill, and it saved Little K's life. Jessica would still continue to struggle, but because she had support, she canceled her appointments. Many times, she felt like her back was against the wall, but the She Found His Grace team always came alongside her in those moments.

Mama J’s marriage resulted in divorce because that is the path her husband chose since she would not abort the baby. Mama J is overjoyed with the new addition to her family and very grateful to She Found His Grace for helping “save and provide for her.(the baby).” The baby’s middle name is Grace, after the ministry.

Women are told that the abortion pill doesn't work and you can't change your mind but many babies have been saved, including this sweet baby girl.

If you find yourself in this situation, text us at 574-400-5272 or visit Abortion Pill Reversal - Home

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