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Are you hurting from a past abortion? Did you partake in an abortion or did you have no choice in the matter? He Found His Grace offers a safe space where men can grieve the loss of their child and find forgiveness and healing from a past abortion. We offer a two phase online healing class for men who have gone through abortion.

Bruce Dyksen (Pictured on the left) leads the men's class and also offers support to husband's whose wives have had abortions and are now walking through the healing process. Abortions are typically thought of to be a woman's choice or a issue pertaining to only women, but we want to aknowledge that abortion also hurts men who have gone through it. Whether you chose abortion or you did not choose abortion, it's effects are devastating. Abortion hurts, because it is the loss of a child. You are allowed to grieve that loss and we are here to support you and walk you through to the other side where you can be free from the pain abortion causes. 


He Found His Grace came out of the need for men to go through healing after abortion. When Bruce and his wife, Serena were speaking about healing from abortion at Indiana Adult and Teen Challenge, they discovered men who were hurting from past abortions and needed healing. Bruce led them through a healing class and that kicked off the beginning of He Found His Grace!

Our Abortion Story
When Serena was thirteen she was raped and taken for an abortion. Abortion did not undo the rape, but added another trauma and more pain to her life. When she was sixteen her and Bruce were faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Planned Parenthood told them that they were young, poor, unmarried, and in school so they should abort their baby. Bruce said, "We'll figure it out," and they chose life! They have never regretted choosing life for their daughter. They now have two grandkids and another on the way!


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