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Men hurt from abortion, too.  There is Hope, healing, forgiveness and freedom after abortion.

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Men's Healing After Abortion

At He Found His Grace, we recognize that the emotional impact of abortion is not exclusive to women. This space is dedicated to men who have experienced abortion and are seeking understanding, support, and healing on their unique journey.

Acknowledging Emotions: Men may experience a range of emotions after abortion, including grief, guilt, and confusion. We provide a safe and supportive environment to explore and express these feelings without judgment.


Navigating Relationships: Abortion can impact relationships. Our community offers insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of communication and emotional connection with partners, friends, and family.

Men Supporting Men

Abortion Recovery Study: Connect with others who have experienced supporting men through abortion-related emotions. Abortion Recovery guidance can be a crucial part of the healing process.

Supportive Community: Join our community of men who understand the challenges you may be facing. Share, listen, and support each other in a safe and confidential space.

Your healing journey is important, and you are not alone. Join our community to find understanding, support, and a pathway towards healing after abortion.

Classes are online and in person

men's abortion regret
abortion regret men lost fatherhood

Understanding Men's Experiences

He Found His Grace came out of the need for men to go through healing after abortion. When Bruce and his wife, Serena, were speaking about healing from abortion at a drug and alcohol rehab facility, they discovered men who were hurting from past abortions and needed healing. Bruce led them through a healing class and that kicked off the beginning of He Found His Grace.


Classes and Events: Participate in classes and events designed to promote healing and personal growth. Connect with others in a supportive and understanding environment. Sign up for online or in person classes now to experience healing. Cost is $125 for our complete course of classes. 

See what others had to say:

"I never knew forgiveness or healing for not giving my unborn baby a voice until I acknowledged and talked about my abortion experience. Jesus has now given me freedom after decades of hurt." -John

"With each class, and thanks to help from class leaders and fellow participants I related with, I began to dig in and pray deeper. It wasn’t until one of the later weeks in the class that the Lord revealed a name to me, which suddenly made this journey all too real. I could no longer question or doubt my part in an abortion experience. I’m truly thankful for this study, as well as the forgiveness and grace of our Lord God." -Todd

For more information on our upcoming classes or if you have any questions, please reach out.  

Real Stories from Real Men 

"I felt shame and guilt for not allowing our baby a chance to be born. To love, and be loved like any child should experience. I buried these feelings...under any and all substances I could get my hands on.

There was a huge hole in my heart from lost fatherhood, ...but when I stopped using [drugs] the hole was still there. I walked through the healing process offered by He Found His Grace and God forgave me for that choice. I now walk in a freedom that could only come from the Lord." -John

Read personal stories from men who have walked the path of healing after abortion. These narratives provide valuable perspectives and a sense of connection.

abortion regret men lost fatherhood
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