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"It takes courage to confront difficult emotions! Seeking healing after experiencing termination is a crucial step toward healing your marriage or relationship." ~Serena

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Abortion Regret and Recovery 


At She Found His Grace, we understand that the experience of abortion can be complex and emotionally challenging. We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment for those seeking healing after abortion.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Our mission is to create a safe and judgment-free space where individuals from around the world can connect, share their experiences, and support each other through the process of healing after abortion.

Let us help you navigate a compassionate journey towards restoration!

How do we know we need to heal?

Did you know that: 

  • 81% of women suffer from mental health issues after abortion.

  • Abortion increases a woman's risk of premature death by 50%, new study reports.

  • Replacement Pregnancies are common after abortion. 1 in 3 are pregnant again within two years, new study shows.

  • 1 in 4 women in the church are post-abortive.

  • 90% want healing but don't know where to go.

Join our healing tribe and meet others who have experienced healing after abortion. Gain insights into navigating the emotional aspects of this journey.

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Women helping Women

Having the support to process your emotions helps you navigate this challenging time and and can strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Our aim is to offer resources, information, and a sense of community to guide you through this journey. Sign up for online or in person classes now to experience healing. Cost is $250 for our complete course of classes. 


See what others have to say:  

"It's wonderfully overwhelming to see what He can do when your mess meets His grace!" - Jessica

"God is using this ministry and restoring hearts and minds in so many ways." – Dorie

"I can truly say God is taking my pain and turning it into purpose!" -Anna


"After years of suffering in unbearable pain and shame, I've found true freedom in Christ." - Ashley​

For more information on our upcoming classes or if you have any questions, please reach out.  

Real Stories with Real Women


"The toll my abortion took on every aspect of my life was unimaginable. You see, the person that walked into the clinic that morning died with my son. The other side of abortion they don’t tell you, is that on the other side of the fence is a graveyard, with plots for your child, and you...

By the grace of God, he brought a woman to me, who very patiently and full of His love encouraged me to find healing and forgiveness....I found it, through She Found His Grace.

After years of suffering in unbearable pain and shame, I’ve found true freedom in Christ, and with that I’ve found my voice. I will no longer stay silent." ~Ashley


Read personal stories from people like Ashley who have walked a similar path. Sharing experiences can be a powerful way to find connection and understanding.

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Your Support Makes a Difference

Help Set the Captives Free: Your donation empowers men to access counseling services, support groups, and valuable resources that aid in their healing process.


Reduce Stigma and Isolation: By supporting our mission, you contribute to breaking down stigmas surrounding abortion regret and help create a more understanding and supportive community.


Expand Outreach: With your generosity, we can reach more men worldwide, ensuring that everyone who needs assistance can access our services, regardless of their circumstances.

If you have any questions about donating or want more information about our organization, please reach out to us! 

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