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Do you regret your abortion? We understand; we did, too. Welcome to the healing tribe. 

She Found His Grace book

Why we exist

She Found His Grace is based out of Northern Indiana, but serves men and women globally who are hurting from the pain of abortion. The ministry was started after the founder, Serena Dyksen, found healing after her own abortion. For years, she didn't even understand how abortion was hurting all areas of her life, to the point of almost losing her marriage and children. 

We believe not only is there forgiveness after abortion but when we touch the hem of Jesus through his word and the support of a tribe a few steps ahead of us, we become whole and holy. 

Our Mission: For men and women to find forgiveness after abortion and be set free from shame, guilt and regret. Turning our pain into purpose.


Do you regret your abortion? We did too but, you're not alone. Join other men and women today to find hope, healing, forgiveness and freedom from your abortion wound. You can join us online or in person. 

Our Story

Serena Dyksen was taken for an abortion at 13 years old after being sexually assaulted. The abortion never undid her trauma and almost cost her everything. Until one night when she was met with God's lavish love for her. Her husband, Bruce, was not directly involved in her abortion but was greatly affected by the aftermath of abortion. 


They began their healing journey, which included finding freedom from abortion. She Found His Grace has now expanded to He Found His Grace. Together they serve men and women all over the world who regret their abortions and want to heal. 

To learn more about Bruce and Serena speaking ministry, check out their personal website. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Bruce and Serena Dyksen

Meet Our Tribe! 

bruce serena  dyksen

Chief Visionary Officers

Serena Dyksen she found his grace

 Serena Dyksen

Author and Speaker

Ashley Magana abortion recovery

Ashley Magana

Content Creator

Laura Berkey admin assistant abortion healing

Laura Berkey

Administrative Assistant

Deb Beers abortion recovery

Deb Beers

Women's Abortion Recovery Director

Caitlyn Wood pregnancy support

Caitlyn Woods

Case Manager

anna truex support staff abortion healing

Anna Truex

She Found His Grace Support Staff

Men's abortion regret healing

Bruce Dyksen

Director for Men's Classes

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