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She Found His Grace, a safe place to be met with God's love, grace, and forgiveness after abortion regret.

Hope, Healing, Forgiveness and Freedom after abortion

Welcome To The Tribe

Welcome to She Found His Grace, a ministry helping Men and Women Find Hope, Healing, Forgiveness and Healing After Abortion


82% of people affected by abortion don't even know where to go for help. You're at the right place. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Is your abortion a secret? Do you feel angry? Has it left you feeling shameful? Guilty? Isolated? Hurting? Alone? Or a fear of being judged?

 At She Found His Grace, you find God's grace, love, and compassion to help you find healing after abortion. We offer online and in-person classes once a week to help you process your grief after abortion. 

 We understand taking the next steps of healing can feel scary, we understand that fear. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Finding Grace After Abortion

Many women carry the secret of abortion that leaves a big hole in our hearts. Abortion can leave us feeling stuck in our pain not knowing how to move forward to God's grace and freedom. It often leaves us feeling, unworthy, alone, and filled with shame.


She Found His Grace is a ministry that links arms with men and women who struggle with shame, guilt, and regret after abortion. Going through abortion recovery helps you get unstuck from your pain and find God's grace, love and forgiveness.


The good news is, abortion is a chapter of your story, but not the whole story. God wastes nothing, including our abortion. We are thankful you are here. 

Author Serena Dyksen, founder and chief visionary officer of She Found His Grace ministry, understands your pain. That was her story too, now she helps women find God's grace and healing after abortion.


Take a listen to part of her story of how she found God's grace after abortion. Or click the button to buy her book , She Found His Grace, and read her full story. 

How Will Healing After Abortion Help Me?

Abortion healing helps you understand forgiveness.

Whether understanding God's forgiveness after abortion, how to forgive yourself, or forgiving others, the 

assurance of God's love, even after abortion, helps us discover our identity in Christ.


Many struggle to believe who we are and whose we are. And that the cross has the final say about our past abortion. Going through healing classes will help you break free from shame and turns your pain into purpose.


We finally are free to grieve our loss. We gain our motherhood and fatherhood mantel back. We get help recognizing our roots of anger and are given tools to help us break from shame and guilt. We get help discovering our triggers, helping us process them in a healthy way to freedom!

Hurt couple struggling to cope with loss of child
Grieving woman recognizes she needs healing

Understand What Might Be Holding You Back From Healing.

How do I recognize the emotional effects  of Abortion?


If you have ever said the following:

 "I did this to myself, therefore I don't deserve to heal."

"It's not a baby. And If it's not a baby, I have not suffered loss." 


"Abortion isn't a big deal, but I feel like a trapped animal."


"I know God has forgiven me, but I can't forgive myself."

Then this is a good sign further healing is needed. If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, then reach out to us today and let us help you in your healing journey. 

Men's Healing

Men hurt from abortion, too!

He Found His Grace is a ministry for men who hurt from lost fatherhood after abortion.

How Abortion Affects Men

  • Drug Use

  • Become Workaholics

  • Unable to hold a job

  • Dysfunctional Relationships

  • Suffer from sexual dysfunction

We offer classes that address the journey of lives who have been affected by abortion. These classes are powerful for men. Men can join other men online or in person who understand the pain of abortion. 

This is what Tony said about going through our class: Healing after Abortion.  

"I was part of two abortions, the first one being at 16 years old. The second one resulted in her having medical issues that she still deals with today. We ended up breaking up after the abortions. I never talked about the abortions until I married my wife. 


For many years, I have had shame and guilt and suffered from flashbacks. There were times when my pain was overwhelming.

I can't put into words how He Found His Grace changed my life. I have finally found others who understand. I have found people who care for me and helped me walk through the hate I had. I used to not be able to talk about abortion. But now I can focus on healing and not hate."

Classes meet once a week in person or on-line.

Click the button to take the next steps or text 574-400-5272

Man contemplating shame and guilt from abortion
men's abortion regret support
Woman happy after healing from guilt and shame

Help Transform Lives

When you give today, you'll help men and women become unshackled from shame and guilt and encounter God's love, grace, and forgiveness after abortion.


Your support helps them find their healed voice to help others heal and end abortion.


Give a single gift OR support She Found His Grace monthly by joining our Friends of She Found His Grace. 

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