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Abortion regret is real for men and women.  You're not alone! We're glad you're here and we look forward to joining you on your healing journey. 

Our 24/7 Helpline #
Text or call us at 574-400-5272


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Abortion Healing Classes

Do you suffer from feelings of regret from a past abortion and don't know how to move forward? Are you hurting in silence behind closed doors with no way out of your pain? We want to help you find freedom and forgiveness from your past abortion(s). We are here to walk with you through that process.


Need support, but not ready to take a class? Join our private online community of post-abortive women where you'll find encouragement and a safe space to connect with others who are on a similar journey as you. Text our support line, 574-400-5272 to request more info and steps of how to join our private app!


Debating an Abortion or Needing Pregnancy Support?

Meet The Team


Chief Operator and Founder,
Author and Speaker

Serena is the face of She Found His Grace. You will feel loved and seen when you hear her speak or read her book, "She Found His Grace." She is a true advocate for post-abortive women and healing after abortion. She has pioneered the way for many women to find their healed voices. She walks along side of them as together, they advocate for the lives of the unborn and care for the well being of the mothers.


Deb Beers

Abortion Recovery Director
Ext. 2

Deb will help you get plugged into our healing community and classes. She will get you on the path to healing and finding freedom after abortion. She has a deep passion for seeing post-abortive women find freedom in Christ and walk in that freedom unshackled from their shame and regret.


Caitlin Wood

Pregnancy Client Support

Caitlin will be the primary voice you hear when you call our Pregnancy Crisis Hotline. She will be there with love, kindness, and support to tend to your concerns and provide resources to meet your needs.


Krissy Spivey

Abortion Recovery Mentor

Krissy will advocate for your healing through teaching and prayer. She has a passion for seeing women grow and God using their pain for his purpose. You will learn much from her mentorship.


Anna Truex

Administrative Assistant

Anna Truex is She Found His Grace's Administrative Assistant. She is efficient, organized, and detailed. Though she works behind the scenes, she is an integral part of the team. You may come in contact with her sweet personality when scheduling a speaking event or a meeting with Serena.

John P2.JPEG

John Pernell

Men's Abortion Recovery Program
Manager Ext 5

John walks along side men who are hurt from past abortions. He has a passion to see men be set free from the hurt of lost fatherhood. He loves seeing men grow in their walk with the Lord and as leaders. 

Bruce and Serena Dyksen 


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