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Unraveling the Reasons Why Some Individuals Avoid the Path to Healing

Updated: Mar 1


Starting on a journey of healing after abortion can be life changing, but for some, it might seem scary and impossible. Understanding the reasons why we avoid healing after abortion is essential.

  1. Fear of Confronting Pain: One significant reason people avoid healing is the fear of confronting deep-seated emotional pain. Opening up old wounds can seem daunting, and individuals may choose to avoid it altogether rather than facing the discomfort. There is always a fear of the unknown that will hold us back from becoming free from our abortion pain.

  2. Comfort in Familiarity: Change can be unsettling, even when it's positive. Sometimes we find our identity in our abortion and don't know how life looks without that pain point. Some of us find comfort in their current state, despite its challenges, because it is familiar. The uncertainty of what lies ahead during the healing process can deter them from taking that first step. Fear is a liar!

  3. Cultural Stigmas: Cultural and stigmas surrounding abortion and emotional well-being can contribute to individuals avoiding healing. The fear of judgment or the perception that seeking help is a sign of weakness may act as a barrier. Abortion is a child loss that hurts and is something that needs to be processed. Many people are hurting in silence and it's time that narrative changes.

  4. Instead of allowing cultural stigmas surrounding abortion and emotional well-being, let's be empowered to seek abortion recovery that prioritize understanding and empathy. By challenging societal norms that abortion hurt women we are fostering a culture of acceptance, individuals can break free from the fear of judgment and actively pursue healing without feeling the weight of perceived weakness. By finding our voice we help others know how much abortion hurts.

  5. Lack of Resources: Limited access to resources, whether financial or informational, can hinder individuals from seeking healing. Over 70% of men and women don't know where to go for help for healing. She Found His Grace offers healing to both men and women after abortion to help them find healing and freedom from guilt.

  6. Low Self-Esteem: Individuals struggling with low self-esteem may believe they are unworthy of healing or positive change. This negative self-perception can become a huge obstacle, preventing them from taking the necessary steps toward self-improvement. If this sounds like you, it might be a sign to join a healing class to better understand you are worth healing and freedom. You are worthy of healing and freedom! Jesus died on the cross for your abortion and wants to set you free. Abortion is just part of your story that God can use for his glory if we trust him in the journey to heal our hearts.

  7. External Pressures: External pressures from societal expectations, family dynamics, or work-related stressors can divert attention away from personal well-being. We all have busy lives and it will steal your time away from healing your broken heart. We must make a decision to commit to setting time aside to go through our healing process. It won't be easy and you will be tempted to stay to busy but staying busy never helps us heal. The pain is still there until we dive in. To navigate external pressures and prioritize personal well-being, individuals can establish clear boundaries and communicate openly about their needs with family, friends, and colleagues. Incorporating abortion recovery, looks like carving out time one a week for class and homework, making a commitment to you during a season and saying no to other things for a short season to experience freedom for a lifetime.

Conclusion: Recognizing the reasons why some people avoid healing after abortion is crucial for us to heal. By addressing these obstacles, we can create an environment that encourages individuals to begin to heal. Remember, abortion is life changing.

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