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Elaine’s Story: Fully Restored

I became pregnant at 16. At approximately 3-4 months pregnant, I had a saline abortion, which they told me would be simple. When they injected me with the saline it went into my intestines, and other parts of my body. Within 72 hours later, I was fighting for my life. My heart stopped, I had to have both my ovaries removed, over 2000 stitches, and I was given

contaminated blood that contained hep C.

Thankfully, I survived the abortion. Even though I will never meet my baby, I finally have peace that I will see her again. I know she’s with Jesus! I have found freedom and healing from my abortion through She Found His Grace and prayer. I have encountered Jesus and allowed him to take my pain and trauma. He showed me that He was there with me through it all. My identity and innocence has been fully restored. I thank God for his healing, his love and his forgiveness.

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