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Bruce and Serena have a passion to stand for life, God's forgiveness and redemption of marriage. 

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Meet the Chief Visionary Officers

She Found His Grace was founded after our own story of sexual assault and abortion. At 13, I did not know what abortion was and our family had no idea how much it would effect our family so negatively. I like to say, my story is often met with misplaced compassion. 

At 16, my now husband and I would face an unplanned pregnancy and once again find Planned Parenthood offering us abortion. That day we chose life. 

My past abortion would cause my family lots of pain, and we never realized how much I was wounded until I went through healing from abortion. At the time we did not realize God was preparing us for a calling and for my story to go public.

The abortionist I was taken to was George Klopfer, the abortionist who hoarded 2411 babies in his garage. 

This would launch a local, national, and global ministry that has allowed us to help women around the world begin their healing journey to help others choose life. 

What the enemy meant for harm, God is turning to good. 

To hear the rest of our story you can book us to come to speak at your church or prolife event and be sure to purchase our book, She Found His Grace, to read the rest of our story.

Finding Grace After Abortion

Bruce and Serena Dyksen are the Founders of She Found His Grace Abortion Recovery.


They have an impactful story of overcoming the brokenness of abortion and sexual assault. They have a passion to stand for life, God's forgiveness and redemption of marriage.


Bruce has a powerful voice for fighting for his marriage, family and seeing his family heal after trauma. 

Bruce and Serena have been featured on Focus on the Family and many other networks and podcast as speakers. 

You can find them on social media for the latest updates, behind-the-scenes content, and more.

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