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Krissy’s Story: My Choice Has A Name

At 18 years old, I was a victim of sexual assault. Months later, I found myself pregnant and not knowing who the father was. Having grown up in the church, I felt like I had failed to keep myself pure. I was scared of people’s judgment. Out of fear and repression of my traumas, I kept my mouth shut for 15 years. I sat silent in shame and denial, even in my church. But then I got desperate. I had become deeply depressed, withdrawn and isolated. I was married and had two beautiful girls, and I wasn’t being the wife or the mom any of them deserved. I knew I needed help. I started searching for resources on social media and it was then that I discovered She Found His Grace Ministries. I found a safe community of other women who had also been wounded by abortion. The leaders helped me walk through a process of recovery and healing. Through both phases of the program, I learned how important healthy community is. I traded in my fear for freedom in Jesus! It is only He that took away all of my shame! Psalm 34:5 says that “those who look to Him are radiant, their faces are never covered in shame.” It is all because of Jesus that my life, my family, and my joy have been restored! Now that I have found my healed voice, I speak boldly to bring this same hope to others! 

I am silent no more

I say what I have to say

I regret my abortion 

My choice has a name

Mackenzie May

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