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2019 10 08 Serena Dyksen PAP-2019 10 08

The Book & Ministry

Helping you find
hope, healing, and forgiveness
after abortion.

Serena has a beautiful story of redemption, healing, forgiveness, and hope. What the enemy meant for harm, God uses for good. Her story serves many post-abortive women and families to find hope and impact others for eternity. 


Serena’s story has not always been beautiful. She did not grow up in the church and came from a broken background. At the age of thirteen, she was raped by an uncle that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Her family experienced a nightmare of trauma and sought help. At their time of need, the only help offered was abortion. That day would forever change their lives in unimaginable ways, which is not the way it's supposed to be. 


For many years, she suffered the pain of two traumas that eventually unraveled her life, and almost caused her to lose everything. 


She Found His Grace and lavished in love! 


After a heavy night of drinking and running from God, she found herself alone, broken, and in need of a savior. As she wept in her car she would have an encounter of God’s lavished love that would be the start of a new life for Serena.


God applied a healing balm to her raw and broken heart, and God would later ask her to share her story with the world. 


Serena shared her story around the world to give post-abortive women and men the hope that there is forgiveness and healing. The truth is simple: God wants to lavish us in His love, no matter our past. Her testimony is shared with love, truth, and grace so her audience knows it’s possible to find his grace too.

She lives in Indiana along with her husband who strives to be a ray of light of God’s love to show the power of God’s lavish love to all they encounter. 

Serena's book She Found His Grace blossomed a ministry of the same name. 

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